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Stamped Concrete

We use different repair techniques to address different problems,with some cracks we can make them virtually disappear, Pitting is another common problem that we fix, deicing materials from the road will penetrate the concrete on warm winter days and then freeze when the temperature falls, leaving holes or “pits” in your concrete. by using special techniques we can repair that damage and restore the concrete.

Do you have a problem with the colour on your concrete?? Lets us restore the colour and help protect protect it. We can add colour to our coatings to manipulate the look of the concrete, this can be useful in situations where the concrete did not match from when it was poured, and you would like to improve it! More Information

Epoxy Coating

Garage floors and industrial warehouses , kitchens and any other place where there is concrete that you would like to coat! More Information

Interlock/Natural Stone

We use extremely high pressure to blast out weeds and when needed plant friendly chemicals to remove stains, polymeric sand is then applied to help stabilize paving stones, and to help lock out the weeds from coming back, different finishes are available ranging from natural look to semi gloss to high gloss, all of which are non slip! More Information


We do all repairs ranging from lift and relay of 10 sqft to what ever size you need to have repaired. we use heavy compacting equipment to ensure you wont have to redo the job again!! More Information


We can repair or install new interlocking projects to fit your budget. We use heavy equipment, And back all our work with a outstanding warranty to give you the peace of mind you deserve! Call us for a consultation to help design your next landscape dream! More Information

Interlocking Pavers

Choosing us for your paving stone installation ensures unparalleled quality and timeless results. Our seasoned team has extensive expertise in ensuring each project is executed meticulously, from the initial design to the final stone placement. More Information


How much?

A estimate can be arranged at no cost to you. Every property is a different size, and is in a different condition than the next.

This is why we use a price based on time and material and in some cases sqft price.

To request a quote please feel free to contact us!

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Winter maintenance recommendations for concrete products

  • try not to use deicers that are salt based. Many products claim they are safe for concrete but then have disclaimers against concrete less then one year old.
  • if you have a shiny acrylic finish on your concrete. Don’t use any calcium products as they will make your concrete slippery. You can check this out by simply rubbing some calcium between your fingers for a short period of time and watch the film begin to form
  • use deicers only when needed- if snow is removed off concrete there is no reason to apply any deicer at all!
  • It’s very important to remove all snow as quickly as possible before ice has a chance to form. Consider sprinkling a little brick sand to aid with traction when it gets wet, or after a snowfall.
  • And last but not least make sure you seal any surface you plan to keep!

If you have any questions regarding this please contact us , and will be happy to assist you!!

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